Look what the Saints Dragged In!

At first I didn’t plan on inaugurating this Blog on All Saints Day but when it worked out that way, I was kind of glad. I need all the good karma with this that I can get. The plan is that I write on Mondays and we use Tuesdays and Thursdays for news and events. Wednesday is “Open Mike Night” for guest blogging on Canon Law. On Fridays I plan on taking the world through the Code of Canon Law, one Canon at a time. Since there are 1,752 canons, I have more than the next three years of Fridays covered.

I am not sure exactly what this Blog is going to be. But I know what it is not going to be. It is not going to be written for Canon Lawyers exclusively. I do enough of that in my work as a director, author, editor, and translator for Gratianus Publications. I truly love that work. But I am passionate about making Canon Law more accessible to those who are not educated in Canon Law, the people in our pews. So, if you are a Canon Lawyer, this Blog will probably make you feel like a very smart canonist and if you are not, then I hope it makes you just that little bit better as a run of the mill, sitting in the pew, working hard to send you kids to Catholic School, Catholic.  

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