The First Friday

The best place to read the Code of Canon Law, is straight from the horse’s mouth, or in this case, the Vatican web site.
​This is the Code, plain and simple, in English. Nothing else, just the Code. There are a few Commentary Codes out there, mostly from Canon Law Societies. The Canon Law Society of America has done two. The Canadian Canon Law Society has what we call the “Red Book Code”. And “The Letter and Spirit” is the Code from the Canon Law Society of Great Britain and Ireland. The last one is considered by many to be the best one for Canonists, but it is out of print with no promise of it being updated in any way. So, it is only available used online and when you can find one, the asking price is hundreds of dollars. The Commentaries do what I intend to do here on Fridays; that is, walk you through the Code of Canon Law Canon by Canon, and give you some thoughts on what that particular Canon means or how we use it, or how we can use it. This is going to get seriously boring at times. Any system of law will do that to you, but I will try my best to make it interesting. In the meantime, put a book mark on the Vatican site for the Code in English. It’s our road map for the next three years of Canon Law 101.

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