Canon Law Civil Law in PHL Part 2

          Last week Monsignor James Lynn once again had a day in Court. This time of his
making, asking the Court to bar any retrial of him after he won his appeal. My Blog last
week sets out the issue. It comes down to one detective coming forward to testify.
Retired Detective Joe Walsh had an excellent reputation as a detective, and a human
being. I had cases involving his testimony during the seven years I concentrated my law
practice in criminal law defense. That was before I went to study canon law in Rome.
When I returned to law practice in Philadelphia, I had a short-lived cross-over
experience of civil/canon law. The first accused priest I advocated for, as a result of my
parish pastor entreating me to begin this work, had to first appear before the grand jury
investigation of sexual abuse of a minor in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. I
represented him before that Grand Jury. I came across Detective Joe Walsh again,
because he was the lead detective on that investigation.

           Writing a blog gives me many licenses. Among other things, I can speak from
experience and give my opinions. So, here goes. Besides my professional case
experience involving Joe Walsh, he led an investigation into a very scary threat to my
life. In order to hurt someone who practiced law with me, another lawyer, facing death
by cancer, decided to take me and my partner to the next life with him. That is in a
serious nut shell version. Suffice it to say I am glad to still be here. In this, I got to know
Joe Walsh in a new professional way, not just through civil law cases and canon law
cases, but as a victim. I do not believe he would ever lie or be in anyway inaccurate in
relating facts in a case. He never showed me that he had an ego, that a case was ever about
him. I never saw him fly his own flag. I believe him to be a man of integrity and
honesty. I was not surprised that he came forward and that he testified. This is not
going to get him any accolades or promotions. But, I do hope it gets him some credit in
the hereafter. 

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