Papal Diplomacy and Legates at the CLSGB&I

The Most Reverend Paul Gallagher, Secretary of Relations with States, Vatican Secretary
of State offices, opened the conference of the CL Society of Great Britain and Ireland last
week. His talk was entitled, “Papal Legates 1917/1983”. Judging from comments after
the talk, it seemed like most of us either missed that lecture in CL studies or that lecture
went by so fast, we don’t remember it. The Nuncio is the legate most people are familiar
with. He is the equivalent of an ambassador in diplomatic relations. Besides talking
about this role, Bishop Gallagher talked about legates who are assigned work with  special groups or events to represent or observe for the Holy See. Sadly, he stayed away  from recollecting war stories of the Vatican famoso, but he was so full of novel info on  how that very specialized world rotates, that I wished I had paid more attention to this  in class. Unfortunately, Bishop Gallagher did not submit his talk in writing prior to the
Conference so his talk is not part of the published Proceedings available now. He had a
nice personality and might be a good person to have in your contacts.

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