Religious Focus at CLSGB&I

The second day of the Conference of the CL Society of Great Britain and Ireland started with a well-prepared talk by Sister Noelle Corscadden, IBVM, Institute Leader of the Loreto Sisters of Rome.  She had come highly recommended as a speaker by former Society President, Rev. Aidan McGrath, OFM.  He didn’t go amiss with that recommendation.  The comments and questions after her talk went on for as long as the talk itself, a great sign with this group.  Her Title was misleading in that it sounded too crazy to be interesting to a group of Canonists, but it was.  “The Treasure in Earthen Vessels- in a Universe Beyond all Imagining.”  Sister used her Irish brogue first to engage us in the unique history of her order, and then started making her points.  She talked of today’s challenges of Religious Life practically and canonically.   Her points touched on life as a Congregational leader from her point of view with its quest for vocations and keeping consistency internationally among the Loreto Sisters.  Because this talk was well-prepared in advance, it is published in the Proceedings.  Sister Amy Hereford, CSJ, a U.S. based canonist and upcoming author on religious law was in attendance.

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