One Code, Two Code, Red Code, Blue Code!

When Reverend Paul Paul Kimes, (Maronite Priest from Brooklyn, NY)  an Official at CDF, delivered his talk “ Harmonizing Two Codes: Intersections, Limitations and Indications for the Future”  he left everyone in the room amazed.   This was a presentation ode to Dr. Seuss on “One Code, Two Code, Red Code, Blue Code” or, the CCEO, the Code for Eastern Churches.  Father Kimes is a priest in Eastern Rite and knows both Codes thoroughly.  What was best was that he is a top of the line speaker.  At the risk of putting anyone off, he actually used a wee bit of Dr. Seuss to get some points across.  He was engaging and entertaining.  And can I say it again, he knew his field.  I think that may have been the only talk on the Eastern Code in twenty years that had me from word one to the very end.  I even took notes despite the fact that in twenty years as a Canonist, I have never had one question that involved the Eastern Code of Canon Law.  Father Kimes did his presentation in Power Point and his easy to follow panels are included in the Proceedings. 

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