CDF’s More Questions than Answers

In his presentation of “Open Questions and Points of Discussion in the Praxis and Jurisprudence of the CDF in Cases Concerning Possible Commission of ‘Graviora Delicta’” Rev. Robert Geisinger, S. J. left more questions than answers.  This was valuable to hear from the Promoter of Justice for the CDF.  A native of Chicago, Geisinger was explicit in what he had answers for, and what he did not.  If he did not, that topic is still under discussion at the CDF.   For lawyers in a controversy, both are extremely important to be aware of.  It’s always a challenge to try to make new law where only questions exist, even if it is the Church.  He went over what is a delict?  What intent is needed?  What is habitually imperfect?  What is in and out of the extrajudicial forum?  Father Geisinger is known as one of the most approachable officials anywhere in the Vatican, and he is a popular speaker internationally. He will give a major address at the CLSA conference in October in Indianapolis.   In these Proceedings, his talk is outlined in 35 comprehensive Power Point panels.  In the CLSA October Proceedings, his talk will be published in full.

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