The BEST Presentation at CLSGB&I

Without any doubt the best presentation of this CL Society of GB&I conference was given by The Very Rev. Charles J. Scicluna, Archbishop of Malta and President of the College of Recourses for the CDF.   Before he became a Bishop in Malta, Bishop Scicluna spent many years as the Promoter of Justice in the CDF.  His talk is entitled “The CDF College for Recourses in Cases of Reserved Delicts: Procedure and Jurisprudence”.  Bishop Scicluna does not only explain the nature and breath of his work and that of the Collegio, but points to law and gives Commentary on what he deems important enough to include.  His outline and explanations are well-organized and clear.  He gives insights to the workings of the Collegio, who is on it, and in what order of seniority.  He discusses when the members meet and for what work.  This makes for not only solid, important information   but interesting information as well.  This entire presentation is in the Proceedings and should not be missed by any Canonist who works in Penal Law. 

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