Cardinal Burke’s Conference

This is another postponement of an excellent conference, formally known as the Speculum Iustitiae (Mirror of Justice). Every year for the past ten years, Raymond Cardinal Leo Burke, sponsors a conference for civil and canon lawyers at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in LaCrosse, Wisconsin. I have attended eight of these conferences and hold them in very high regard. The Shrine is very beautiful and serene, and as much a part of the conference as the program. The Conference is more like a retreat rather than a conference. For me the highpoint is every year, when Cardinal Burke shuts the doors to the dining room after dinner, and answers any question any one asks, until there no more questions. This is a conference every Catholic lawyer should attend at least one time. And the LaCrosse Loggers play minor league baseball at least one night of the conference. Good, Clean, Apple Pie fun!

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