CLSA Conference Goes On

The Canon Law Society of America is making plans to stage a virtual Annual Conference from October 12 through October 16.  That sounds good but the fees could be a problem for many members. So many Dioceses are not able to send participants to conferences this year and this is expensive if you are paying for it yourself. They are charging $425.00 for a virtual conference. This is slightly below what they charged when they had a real meeting with a banquet, three continental breakfasts and a cocktail party with top shelf booze, not to mention the free, carry all, portfolio with CLSA emblazoned on it, all included in the past price of registration. CLSA is giving each paid participant only two weeks to access the presentations once the conference has concluded; then they close that library. So although it is the only chance to “attend” a canon law conference this year, make sure the program fits your needs. Because unless it’s a business write off (like it is for me) it is probably not good value.

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