Where to find Canon Law in English Brand New!

A few hard copy translations of the Code can be found on the internet.   Of those, the translation by the Canon Law Society is approved by the Holy See.  It is a very good source of the Code in print form.  It can be bought on most book sites or at the site of the CLSA.org.  These translations are only that, the actual Code and nothing more.  There are no comments or other information.  If you want that, there are three main Commentaries on the Code of Canon Law that were originally written in English.  They were also all first produced by Canon Law Societies throughout the English-speaking world. 

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The Code of Canon Law Annotated, Third Edition

This Commentary, known as the “Red Book” among Canonists has consistently been an excellent commentary and now, it is the most up to date.   (It covers Dignitas Connubii and Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus).   This Annotation is known for being complete and succinct.  It has both the Latin and English Canons spelled out, and right after, an explanation or comment on the canon itself.  This is really the most to the point Commentary, and civil lawyers would probably be very comfortable using it because it reads just like one of the great civil law commentaries we delved into in law school.   This new 3rd Edition of the Code of Canon Law Annotated has been updated to contain all the references to all the norms given by the Holy See until May 2020.  This publication is a tremendous feat in the field of Canon Law. 

The canonists who originally produced this were considered the top experts in canon law in their day.   The Code of Canon Law Annotated, 3rd Edition, has been edited by Most Rev. Juan Ignacio Arrieta, the Secretary of the Pontifical Council for Legislative Texts and former Dean of the Canonical Law Faculties of the Holy Cross in Rome and in Venice.  Archbishop Arrieta is arguably one of the premier canon lawyers in the world.  That alone makes this the Commentary to buy.   I like the shape of this hard cover book, just like a little, chubby missal.  This is the one, the Commentary, I use every time now.  Of all of the English Commentaries, it is considered to be the most pastoral. 

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