I am not ashamed to tell people that I am so boring, that I went to law school twice.  I am so boring, I actually wrote a dictionary (“The Simple Dictionary of Canon Law” in its Second Edition, third printing, so not too shabby.)  I got my law degree or Juris Doctorate from Villanova University , and I got my canon law degree or License to Practice Canon Law, at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, in Rome, Italy.  This is what people in the business call dual-degreed and we are few and far between.  Even more unique, I actually practice in both areas of law, with an office and everything.  In civil law, I concentrate on Wills, Estates and what I call Senior Law.  This is after long stretches in a criminal defense law practice before I went to Rome to study, and a family law practice when I got back.

Now as I spiral through life, I find I like Seniors, or “Old Dears” as they are called in Ireland, more than kids or Millenials or GenXers or actually anyone under fifty!  Older folks seem to like me too; kids usually don’t.   Older clients are wise and have great stories (sometimes hilarious), and always say thank you, even if you are charging them a fee.  The only added effort I might have to make with older folks is that I have to talk a little louder than usual.  Not a bad trade off for the wise and great stories I hear.  Dogs like me too though, just in case you don’t like the part about kids not liking me.

In Canon Law I am a jacekette of all trades.  I have done advocacy involving marriages, priests, educations, lay people’s rights and religious orders.  I like systems of law and I have two to work in, and that makes me a twice blessed lawyer.