I am not ashamed to tell people that I am so boring, that I went to law school twice.  I am so boring, I actually wrote a dictionary (“The Simple Dictionary of Canon Law”, in its Second Edition, third printing, not too shabby).    I got my law degree, JD, from Villanova University, home of great basketball (2016 National Champions), and I got my canon law degree, JCL, and License to practice Canon Law, at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas Aquinas in Rome, Italy (No sports at all!).  This is what people in the business call dual-degreed and we are few and far between.  The good part about me is that I actually, actively practice in both areas of law, with an office and everything!  In the civil law world, I concentrate my PA practice in Wills, Estates and Elder Law (I love seniors, they are wise and grateful and have really good stories).  In the canon law world  I write, edit, translate and publish books.  I practice most in Penal Law, but because of my books, pretty much work in every field of Canon Law.  I do speaking programs in both areas for both kinds of lawyers (I have great aspirations to do a TED talk someday).  I have practiced both of these areas of laws for more than thirty years and have been publishing books for ten.  So, maybe for me, a Blog, is a natural step…..

With all of this law going on in my life, I need to branch out and meet new people.  So Canon Law 101, like “The Simple Dictionary of Canon Law”, is not targeted for Lawyers, civil or canon.  Oh, they are welcome to read, comment and lurk, but the audience here could be anyone interested in law, religion and life; clerics to people in the pews, and everyone in between.  Nothing against lawyers, they are just not always as interesting as regular folks, especially when it comes to the Catholic Church.