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Just Who is a Devout Catholic?

My Father, Daniel G. Dugan, died thirty-eight years ago today.  At Mass for him this morning, I thought about what he would think of this world we are living in.  Now if anyone were a Devout Catholic, it was him.  He died saying the Rosary.  It broke when a sudden heart attack knocked him to… Continue Reading →


I have this as my screen saver at work. Everyone who see it thinks it’s me. This was taken during WW2, before I was born. I was that cute though! Have a great weekend!


Today would have been the closing of the conference of the international Congress of canon lawyers. It happens every three years and this year was set for Paris! Instead of waiting three years for the next scheduled meeting, this one in Paris has been delayed a year. I am a member and looking forward to… Continue Reading →

CCLS Conference Another Casualty

The Canadian Canon Law Society has postponed its October Conference from 2020 to 2021.  It will be held October 18 through October 21, 2021 in Calgary.  This is a lovely conference. Always has great, relevant topics on their program and put a lot of planning into it. The members who attend have some good, over-a-drink,… Continue Reading →

Clericalism and Preaching

Last week I dealt with an Instruction on Parishes.  (At another time I will talk about how that belittles lay people with faint praise.) An Instruction is a document from the Holy See that talks about how to implement law.  There are canons in the Code and Instructions that deal with preaching.  Who can do… Continue Reading →

CLSA Conference Goes On

The Canon Law Society of America is making plans to stage a virtual Annual Conference from October 12 through October 16.  That sounds good but the fees could be a problem for many members. So many Dioceses are not able to send participants to conferences this year and this is expensive if you are paying… Continue Reading →

Holy See Hope for Parishes?

There is a positive, coming out of the Holy See on the closing of parishes.  It is no longer easy for a Bishop to close a parish because it is getting poorer every week, or because of the priest shortage, or because there just are not enough parishioners to form a true community.  Remember that… Continue Reading →


This professional society is an international association promoting the study of canon law. Membership is open to to canon lawyers from anywhere in the world. It is very eclectic in nature and the topics of their program are complicated. The seminars are all done in simultaneous translation. You must be a member to attend their… Continue Reading →


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