A Simple Dictionary of Canon Law (2nd Edition)



This is the 2nd Edition of the Simple Dictionary of Canon Law. The 2nd Updated Edition includes 50+ new words, and a Latin Index. This Dictionary was written for everyone except Canon Lawyers. It is a simple attempt to define for the average person some of the terms that are important in the Canon Law of the Catholic Church. Each word is explained by its meaning and usage and Latin translation. This is not a dictionary of difficult words but of words commonly used in Canon Law, all of the obvious words, and some that may just be interesting. A Simple Dictionary of Canon Law is meant for people who work in Tribunals and Diocese, members of Parish Councils, priests and teachers, members of religious life and civil lawyers too, but most of all, for everyone who wants to understand their rights in the Church and what they can do to protect them. The appendices include an English Word Index, Latin Word Index, Commentaries on the Code of Canon Law, and A Comparison of Canon and Civil Terms of Law. The Code of Canon Law of 1983 is the latest Code and the one on which this Dictionary is based.

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